Roof Replacement Alternatives

Repair. Restore. Replace. In that order

The key to reducing roofing-related costs lies in extending your existing roof’s useful life. How you get there involves proper timing – not intervening too soon or too late – and objective analysis of the roof’s condition. With these factors in mind we employ a bias to repairing and restoring a commercial roof to watertight condition before jumping to a replacement decision.

Roof replacements are expensive, create a great deal of landfill waste and can be very disruptive to your business. Further, they’re rarely the only option when your roof starts showing signs of problems – even extensive wear and tear.

Save time, money and disruption

Newer technology available today in roofing materials combined with scientifically based data analysis tools make roof restorations an attractive option compared to complete tear-off and replacements.

Our restoration options can save you up to half the cost and a great deal more of the disruption and waste creation involved in a replacement. Further, it will bring your roof to watertight condition and be fully warranted for workmanship and materials.

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