When is Your Commercial Roof Leak Truly an Emergency?

Question: What is the difference between an emergency and non-emergency call?

Answer: Everyone is going to have their own definition of emergency. In my eyes, an emergency constitutes when there’s a safety hazard, when employees or customers could be at risk on an injury, a slip-n-fall, or when there is risk of equipment being damaged. Simon Roofing has a lot of industrial clients with very expensive machinery and if there is a roof leaking on it or if they have to shut down the machines, that’s lost money, lost revenue and potentially damaged equipment. I would definitely consider those types of things emergency situations.

Along with those concerns, if there is a natural disaster that’s resulted in damage where metal is hanging off the roof, that could be a potentially dangerous situation and could be considered an emergency.

If our client is trying to make a decision to whether or not they want to go ahead and request that emergency service we’ll walk them through it. In a non-emergency situation, the customer can contain the issue like using a bucket or tote to catch the water and maybe even rope off the area to make sure no customers or employees are injured.

In most times it’s already predefined on a customer’s work order and sometimes things become an emergency after the customer has already called in or the situation will be escalated if necessary.

For an emergency calls, Simon Roofing will be on site within 24 hours. We make absolutely every effort to have a technician on site the same day if possible, and the reason were able to do that is because all of our technician’s trucks are equipped with GPS capability. So, if we have a customer that they absolutely need service that day and here’s why, our dispatchers are actually able to pull up our GPS system and plot that service location and see which technician is the closest. And we can work with our service team and usually can make it happen. Ultimately if it’s an emergency, we’re going to get there.