How Does a Warranted Roof Repair Differ From a Warranted Leak Location

Question: What is the difference between a warranted roof repair versus a warranty on the leak location?

Answer: The difference between a warranted repair and a warranty of leak location is really two things.

  • A repair warranty from some roofing providers means they could stick materials on a roof and you still have a leak that could be in the same exact spot but the repair is in good condition so that does not qualify as a warranty request. They basically cover the repair of the roof surface but not the actual roof leak.
  • A warranted repair AND warranty of leak location means that the repair on top of the roof is covered, as well as the source of the water intrusion within the building is also covered. If you’re experiencing a leak in the exact same spot as the original leak repaired, that would be covered under Simon Roofing’s repair warranty.