The Fine Print of a Commercial Roof Warranty

Question: What should I look for in a warranty for my commercial roof system? What does a warranty typically cover or not cover?

Answer: First and foremost, you should hire a reputable roofing provider and understand the process of what they’re doing to help you make better decisions.

If you end up with a warranty issue, you should consider how you want it to be handled. Warranty calls should be handled quickly. If the warranty covers labor and materials, you would expect no out-of-pocket costs.

Unfortunately, in the commercial roofing industry, there are so many different styles of warranties, it can be hard to maneuver. One example we’ve heard time and time again is a roof that had a “20-year warranty” but that warranty only covered the coating installed on top of the existing roof system. That coating might be good for 20 or even 30 years BUT if the roof underneath was in poor condition when the coating was installed, the roof will fail. Make sure you understand exactly what the warranty covers, especially when it comes to labor and materials.