Commercial Roof Restore vs. Replace

Question: How does a restoration differ from a roof replacement and how do I know if my roof would qualify for a restoration?

Answer: Typically, we would come out and find the facts about your roof – not all roofs are restorable. We think of restorations as a re-roofing alternative because it is taking a roof that is in poor condition and possibly bringing it back to the state of good condition.

We start with rating a roof’s condition on a scale of green, amber, red and purple. Typically, a purple rating means the roof is over the cliff and needs replaced. A red-rated roof is in pretty poor condition but by fixing the anomalies (items on the roof that are in poor condition or broken down) and then restoring the surface with our process of Poly Wite Brite™, we could extend the life of the roof by 15 or 20 years. So, through our restoration process we can go from one year to twenty years depending on our test results.

Our unique process of testing and analysis goes beyond traditional visual inspections and relies on scientific data to determine if a roof is a restoration candidate.