CASE STUDY: ATI Firth Sterling

SITUATION: The metal roof of this manufacturing facility had consistent leaks from an internal gutter. The leaks were interrupting daily operations and causing delays. A long-term solution was necessary, but a total roof tear-off and replacement would be costly and disruptive.

SOLUTION: Simon Roofing first performed a thorough inspection and analysis of the existing roof system and drainage components. It was determined that a layover roof system would be the best solution. The internal gutters were removed and replaced with proper drains. Outside scuppers were also removed. The CLP+FR(2) system was then installed over the entire roof. This layover was mechanically attached to the existing metal roof.


  • New roof with 25-year labor and materials warranty
  • Proper drainage installed to eliminate future issues
  • Minimal disruption and cost compared to tear-off