Best Practices in Commercial Roofing Service Calls

Question: What is the service call process for Simon roofing?

Answer: If a customer is looking for service, they can call or email into our customer service center. We are reachable by phone or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Once they call in or email in, their request is assigned to one of our Simon dispatchers to assess the urgency of the request depending on the information that the customer has provided to us. We’re going to work with the client to determine if they require emergency service, or if they require our standard response (within two to three business days depending on the customer’s needs).

Most people prefer to communicate via email, but sometimes when you’re out and about like a lot of our customers are, you could download the Simon Roofing app to request service. With just making a couple different selections on some drop-down menus, our customers can request service that way. It would notify our customer service center, just like an email service request.

Customers can also submit a service request form.

Any way our customers prefer to communicate is how we’re going to communicate with them. In fact, we’ve had a couple customers who said the best way to communicate is via text message. We’ll do that too. Whatever works for our customer that’s what Simon Roofing is going to do. We want to be the easiest commercial roofing company to work with out there.