Top 5 Roof Leak Sources for Commercial Buildings

Caution: Wet Floor in commercial building

Commercial roof leaks can pop up at any time, on any building. It’s pretty much inevitable over time. Understanding the source of the leak, however, can make fixing them much easier and may even help prevent them in the first place.

What are Common Sources of a Commercial Roof Leak?

  1. Membrane issues – Roof membranes can split, tear, crack or expose open laps. All of these create an entry point for water to make its way in. Open laps are generally a sign of an installation error, while membrane cracks are typical signs of age and/or material defects.
  2. Drains and gutter issues – Drains, gutters, scuppers and flashing around drains can get loose or require extra waterproof sealing.
  3. Ponding water issues – Ponding or standing water that sits on a roof for 48 hours or more after a rain is generally a sign of drain system issues. This will cause more rapid deterioration of the roof membrane.
  4. Flashing and details – Any penetration in the roof system is a welcome sign for water intrusion. Properly sealing and caulking flashing and details can make a big difference in preventing roof leaks.
  5. A leak in disguise – there are lots of other ways water can appear other than from your roof
    • Just because you see a puddle on the floor or water trickling from the ceiling doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming from the roof. There are a whole host of other water sources that any building can experience – you can read more here..

How Can I Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks?

  • After a heavy rainfall, wait 24-48 hours and check for any standing puddles of water. This is ponding water and should be addressed ASAP to prevent premature aging of the roof membrane.
  • Periodically check for missing coping or metal flashing.
  • After a storm or high winds, check the roof for debris or punctures.
  • Reduce foot traffic on the roof as much as possible. Only those with proper training should have access to the roof.
  • Implement a routine preventative maintenance schedule to help increase your roof’s useful life and prevent leaks.

Remember that no matter what is causing your roof leak, Simon Roofing has the manpower and materials to help. We’re available 24/7 through our in-house Customer Service Center and we can dispatch a Simon Roofing technician (not a sub-contractor) to your facility to make repairs quickly and correctly.