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Before Roof Repairs Bank New holland PA

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Financial Institution Three-Course Roof Repair

This bank was experiencing a leak in the employee break room with the water entry being visible through the ceiling tiles. Simon Roofing was dispatched to the location to resolve the leak.

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Auto Parts Manufacturer

This 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility had a BUR Gravel Roof with more than 40 different leak locations throughout the building. The roof was aged and deteriorating.

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Private University

The Science building of this private university was experiencing water intrusion along the entire length of an expansion joint. The BUR roof was aged with excessive deterioration along the flashing,

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Repair, Restore, Replace…in that order!

You’ve probably heard us preach this in the past – but this phrase still holds true today! Not all commercial roofs need to be replaced. In fact, studies* show as many as 85% of roofs are replaced unnecessarily due to poor information. For a persistent, leaky roof that seems to be stuck in the leak-repair-leak-repair […]