Manage the invoices: By making sure the information on the invoice is accurate, we can eliminate some excuses the client might use for not paying on time. This covers not only the address, the way we are to send the invoice, but also the terms as well. We list the specific payment terms on our invoices – please make sure the correct/mutually accepted terms are being used. Remember the CAP information is NOT automatically forwarded to AR. You must email those changes to

Contact Sooner Than Later: When an invoice is past terms, whether one day or five days, it is past due. The sooner we reach out to the client, the sooner we can address any questions or concerns they may have. Think of this initial contact (especially on N10 day terms) as a client relations call to make sure the work and the invoice are as they expected. Make sure IF there are changes needed to this invoice (or this and future invoices), it is communicated with the correct departments and CAP in crm. Also feel free to cc me in any emails sent to clients discussing payments or the correction needed to release payment. IF you are aware of any concerns that will or have delayed the payment from our client – FORWARD THAT INFORMATION TO ME. I will assist in tracking/supporting the concern/payment until we have reached a mutually acceptable outcome. All sales reps receive a weekly aging report to help you track your client’s balances due. IF you are not receiving that report, please contact as soon as possible. IF you don’t understand the report, please call me at ext 1059.

Follow Up: If a client advises they are sending the payment on a specific date, follow up to make sure it has been mailed. Or allow time for the mailing process and check to see if it has been received. If it has not been received-it is important to check back with the client to make sure it was mailed as originally advised and where the funds were sent. Confirming the “remit to” address is very important so that we may track their payment promise. Until the funds are received and deposited – all this is – is a promise. You may reach out to for payment information or to advise of any updates or changes.

Please remember these may be difficult times for our clients, and their payments may no longer be made as they have been in the past. Knowledge is our BEST defense in handling and maintaining an acceptable collection percentage.

If your client is closed, working from home or with a skeleton staff on site – please advise and keep this in mind when scheduling new work or payment contacts. Remember our clients will need time to get back up and running as they were before Covid19.