Roof Asset Management

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Manage your roofs easily and effectively

It’s the mantra of many facility managers. “So many buildings. So many potential roofing trouble spots. Only so much time to manage them.”

But now you can outsource one of your greatest headaches, and save time and money in the process. Instead of dealing with the frustration of costly, unexpected roofing problems, rely on SR PreVision. Through proactive management of your roofing assets and portfolio, we’ll help you prevent roof leaks, avoid costly replacements and accurately predict your roof’s life expectancy and depletion rate. That way, you’ll know precisely when – and how – to intervene and extend your roof’s service life.

Bringing budget predictability to roof maintenance

Through SR PreVision, we can calculate the life cycle cost of your entire roofing portfolio, forecast projected roofing requirements and establish accurate, reliable budgets to save you time, money and frustration.

Key Elements of SR PreVision

  • A comprehensive inventory of the roofing portfolio with drawings
  • An exhaustive roof inspection and analysis
  • Core sampling, infrared scans and laboratory analysis of the roof membrane
  • Identification of potential energy savings through elimination of wet insulation
  • Calculations of the remaining useful roof life using scientific algorithms
  • Detailed roof condition reports and ratings
  • Calculations of the depletion rate of the roof portfolio
  • Development and real-time maintenance of a web-based roof management system
  • Identification of opportunities to restore roofs to a watertight standard and delay replacement
  • Data and reporting tools to allow capital planning and budgeting with certainty

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