Customer Portal

Simon Roofing’s comprehensive customer portal provides 24/7 online access to the most reliable data available about your roof – whether that’s one or an entire portfolio. Offered to our Service and SR PreVision customers at no additional cost, you can conveniently request service directly from it with just one click.

Because Simon Roofing only uses its own technicians on your roof, activity is logged in real-time by Simon Roofing’s own employees, giving customers peace of mind as to the timeliness and reliability of the data.

Simon Roofing's SR PreVision Customers and Service Customers comparison chart

Service – Realtime leak repair progress from dispatch to invoice

Our customer portal puts facility managers up close and personal to every service request placed. Realtime status updates are accessible to show where our technicians are – literally from the time they’re dispatched to when they arrive and when the repair is completed. 

Our portal also provides reports, summaries and photos, including the leak from within the building and anomalies on top of the roof causing the leak.

Service records are retained within the portal so you can also access histories of each roof section at each building location.


SR PreVision – A report card for your roofing assets

Through our baseline assessment, SR PreVision customers can keep track of each roof section’s condition and most recent activity on it. Roof condition reports show the initial inventory and inspection results of the roof section. Each roof section is graded based on Simon Roofing’s four-tier system of purple, red, amber and green condition scores to set priorities for maintenance and repairs, as well as determine feasibility of a restoration vs. roof replacement.

These reports are all stored within your client portal. Any activity performed on the roof after the initial inspection is layered into this online system to show the most current actions and roof conditions while retaining all historical data for reference purposes.

Learn more about SR PreVision’s laboratory analysis and roof asset management.

Investments in roofing technology

Investments in technology like our customer portal, help to not only streamline operations, but also drive transparency and pass along realized cost efficiencies to our customers.