Roof Evaluations + Inspections

Simon Employee Evaluating a Commercial Roof with a Mobile Device

Scientific Roofing Evaluations to Control Costs

SR PreVision was created to help clients control roofing expenses through a customized, proactive strategy to extend roof life and lower life-cycle costs. The first step is to help you better understand your roofs and what condition they’re in, which we accomplish through thorough, objective roof evaluations. These evaluations include:

  • CAD drawings, based on aerial photographs, which streamline the field inspection since the PreVision technician must only verify the information.
  • An inventory and visual inspection, including all data about the roof type, age, size, pitch, composition, layers, and projections, plus identification of anomalies, with quantities and photographs.
  • Infrared scans, if needed, to determine a presence of wet insulation.

Using tablet computers and online forms, our technicians are guided through all types of anomalies possible for a specific roof type. The results are transmitted to a live database that automatically compiles the information into a comprehensive report.

SR PreVision evaluations are very accurate and reliable because of our standardized and consistent approach. While some visual roof inspections can be subjective, based on the expertise and opinion of the evaluator, SR PreVision has eliminated subjectivity with our proprietary Simetrix roof rating system. Simetrix applies algorithms that weigh the severity and importance of each roof anomaly discovered, resulting in a scientifically determined estimate of the Remaining Roof Life.

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