Online Dashboard


Online Dashboard for Roofing Asset Management

Roof asset management made simple. And efficient. Simon Roofing’s secure online roof database management system provides you with 24/7/365 password-protected access to all data and recommendations related to your roofing portfolio.

Our program is customized to your preferences and features a wide variety of tracking and reporting options, including inventory management, invoice tracking, and one-click service requests.

Condition reports at your fingertips

The online client portal has both reporting and exporting capabilities and serves as the home for up-to-date information and conditions reports of all roof sections, including:

  • Inventory and inspection data
  • Summary of housekeeping and preventative maintenance activities
  • Cost estimates to bring a roof to watertight standard
  • Satellite imagery and drawings
  • Condition assessment and ratings
  • Future action plans and budget recommendations

A Report Card for your Roofing Assets

Keep track of each roof section’s condition and what the most recent activity was for each using our baseline assessment. Roof condition reports show the initial inventory and inspection results of the roof section. Each roof section is graded based on Simon Roofing’s four-tier system of purple, red, amber and green condition scores to set priority for maintenance, repair and roof replacement.

These reports are stored within your client portal. Any activity performed on the roof after the initial inspection is layered into this online system to show the most current actions and roof conditions while retaining all historical data for reference purposes.

To speak with one of our SR PreVision experts and learn more about our commercial roofing database and asset management system, contact us at 888.353.7178.

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