Research, Testing, Analysis and More

We have commercial roofing down to a science. Literally.

Our in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory located at our corporate headquarters is literally and figuratively at the core of what we do. Our team of Simon Roofing scientists work with industry standards and self-developed methods every day to test core samples from roofing systems sent in from all over the country in order to determine – in an objective and scientific manner – the condition and remaining useful life of a roof.

Armed with this reliable information we can develop a plan of attack for managing a customer’s roofing portfolio in a way that’s both efficient and budget conscious. We understand your roof is not your only concern. A costly, unplanned replacement can decimate your resources planned for other building maintenance issues.

How Knowing Remaining Useful Life and Depletion Rate Can Work for You

Your primary roofing objective should be to delay a costly roof replacement. Too many building owners and facility managers agree to roof replacements prematurely with years of life still remaining in their roofing systems. We’ve proven it through our laboratory testing.

Therefore, our model is not to replace roofs, but rather to intervene with a repair or restoration at the right time … with the smartest solution. Studies show the return-on-investment for roofing maintenance dollars is significantly better if you don’t run your roof to failure and have to then replace it.

With SR PreVision we use roofing science to remove the human error factor associated with relying solely on subjective visual inspections to determine a roof’s condition and the best time to intervene. Through extensive, proprietary testing, we go well beyond traditional visual and infrared analyses to calculate a roof’s service life expectancy and depletion rate.

Watch George Kubas, Ph.D give his take on technology’s impact on commercial roofing here.