Know Your Roofing Supply Chain

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There are multiple components of a roof restoration project, and if any one of them fails, it results in a problematic roof.

At Simon Roofing, we’re unique in that our services encompass the entire supply chain. That means we’re fully accountable for your roof, so if there’s ever an issue, you have just one simple call to make. We’ll address it in a timely manner with no finger-pointing.

Steps 1 & 2: Inspection and Analysis

Before completing any restoration, we perform a full SR PreVision process to inspect and analyze the roof’s condition, resulting in an objective conclusion. We don’t make assumptions or give any recommendations until we look at the data. Chances are, you have remaining useful life in your roof system, and through the SR PreVision process we can tell you precisely how much. If you don’t need a disruptive, costly tear-off and replacement, we’ll be the first ones to tell you.

SR PreVision gives us the information we need to:

  1. Identify if restoration is an option
  2. Develop an actionable plan to extend the roof’s life and
  3. Lower the lifecycle costs across the portfolio or multi-section facility

Step 3: Materials Manufactured to Spec

Manufacturing the materials is the next step in the process, and we perform that ourselves from our own ISO 9001:2015-certified plant in Ohio. By creating the product ourselves we maintain full quality control from raw materials to mixing to customized batching to packaging to final delivery on the jobsite. Plus, we manufacture just-in-time so our product doesn’t sit in a warehouse and degrade prematurely.

Step 4: Self-Performed Installation

Finally, you can inspect and analyze a roof properly, and have the materials made just right, but if the installers aren’t properly trained, you could end up with a dangerous problem.

We make it, we install it. It’s that simple. We pride ourselves on self-performance – not only do we perform rigorous background checks and drug screenings on our technicians, but we also require continuing education, whether it be on the latest product installation or safety. We’re not going to subcontract the work and trust someone else to get the job done.

If you’re in need of a roof restoration or would like to learn more about our process, give our experts a call today at 888.353.7178.