Poly Wite Brite™ Restoration

Commercial Roof with A/C Unit

Restore and Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof

Poly Wite Brite™ was developed by Simon Roofing’s research and development team to combine the elongation and tensile strength of our proprietary Wite Brite™ elastomeric coating with the durability of polyester. The seamless restoration is field-fabricated and liquid-applied and fully adheres to the existing membrane.

Poly Wite Brite™ is proven to:

  • Stop leaks
  • Lower energy costs
  • Extend the life and warranty of a roof
  • Provide cost savings up to 50% vs. a typical commercial roof replacement

Plus, Poly Wite Brite™ can be restored again and again, making it a sustainable option.

For more information on the Poly Wite Brite™ commercial roof restoration solutions, contact Simon Roofing at 888.353.7178 or visit our locations page to see the closest location near you.