15 Year / 3 Phase Restoration

Commercial Roof with Ventilation

Restore, Don’t Replace Prematurely

Avoid costly roof replacements when they’re not necessary. Your roof’s condition might call for a restoration instead, which is a fraction of the cost and can be fully warrantable. Our scientific, data-based evaluation of your roof’s condition can accurately determine its remaining useful life and outline cost-effective alternatives to roof replacements.

Get a Watertight Roof with Costs Spread Over 3 Years

Simon Roofing’s 15 year / 3 phase commercial roof restoration option gives building owners and facility managers a long-term, fully warrantied, watertight roof with the work and expense being spread over a three-year period.

The roof is brought to watertight condition in phase one so you won’t need to worry about leaks throughout the remaining years as the rest of the work is completed This gives facility managers the budget flexibility to tackle other maintenance projects.

3 Phase Restoration At-A-Glance

Advantages of a 15 year / 3 phase restoration include:

  • 3 billing phases
  • Customized solutions for your roof
  • Watertight condition in Phase 1
  • Warranty coverage from Phase 1
  • 24-hour response to leak issues

2016 Money-Saving Products LogoBuildings Money-Saving Product Award Winner

Simon Roofing’s 15 year / 3 phase roof restoration won the 2016 Money-Saving Product Award from Buildings magazine.

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