Commercial Roof Restorations


Roof Replacement alternatives are possible.

Building owners and facility managers can easily assume roof replacement as being the only solution for a problematic roof. Too often, commercial roofs are replaced before absolutely necessary, leaving money on the table. But roof restorations are possible for nearly every roof type, including BUR, single-ply, modified and metal.

Restore a Roof by Intervening at the Right Time

Intervening with a roof restoration at the right time can save as much as half the cost of a complete tear-off and replacement, not to mention saving you the disruption to your business and the landfill waste created in the process.

Benefits of a Simon Roofing restoration

  • Stops leaks and brings roof back to watertight condition
  • Extends the life and warranty of a roof
  • Provides cost savings up to 50% vs. a typical commercial roof replacement
  • Seamless, fully adhered roof surface
  • Liquid-applied and field-fabricated
  • Offers reflective and customized color selections depending on the climate
  • Sustainable with options to extend life past warranty

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