Metal Roofing Solutions

Commercial Metal Roofing System Solutions | Metal roof replacement on church

Metal Commercial Roofing Replacements

With more than 120+ years of commercial roofing expertise, Simon Roofing understands that durability is an important factor for clients when choosing a new roofing system, and metal roofs are one of the most effective ways for commercial buildings to ensure a tough, long-lasting roof with minimal maintenance requirements.

For many applications, metal roofs are a smart investment, as they can withstand adverse weather conditions, fire, and, most of all, the test of time.

SuperiorClad Metal Roofing Systems

As a leader in innovative commercial roofing systems and service, Simon Roofing manufactures its own metal roofing systems to better meet client needs. Available in a wide range of colors and textures, our metal roof systems can be installed in most cases over an existing roof for waterproofing and aesthetic purposes.

To assure quality control, Simon Roofing employs a group of technicians who are specifically trained to install and service metal roofs.

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