Commercial Roofing Sustainability


Sustainable Building and Roofing Practices

Simon Roofing is committed to a philosophy and practice of sustainability, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. From everyday operations at our corporate headquarters to on-site commercial roof repairs and installations, we take great pride in our efforts to promote environmentally sound building practices.

Our commitment to sustainability includes:

  • We want to eliminate landfill waste so we maintain a bias to repair/restore whenever possible and only tear off and replace a roof as a last resort.
  • Our team of scientists are consistently researching, developing re-roof alternatives and energy efficient roofing products and systems, including those that qualify for LEED certifications.
  • We offer a variety of commercial roof systems that are best suited for your building, climate and environmental goals, including reflective roofs, vegetated or green roofs, skylights, solar panels and more.
  • We partner with the leading industry environmental organizations like the Department of Energy, LEED, Cool Roof Rating Council, Ozone Transport Commission and the California Energy Commission.

Contact us at 888-353-7178 to prepare a strategic energy profile for you, complete with detailed information on roofing, daylight harvesting, lighting upgrade opportunities, associated costs and forecasted paybacks for improvement.

Our Sustainable Commercial Roofing Products and Systems

Wite Brite® EnviroGreenWite Brite® EnviroGreen

Wite Brite® EnviroGreen is an elastomeric coating that reflects the sun’s rays, reduces heat absorption and contains non-ozone depleting chemicals. Its green properties include:

  • Exceeds LEED and energy code requirements
  • CRRC rated
  • Contains highest elongation properties (1000%) and greater than 60% latex solid content
  • Qualifies for tax rebates and financial incentives

SuperiorFlex Eco

SuperiorFlex Eco is not only efficient but also waste-free. It’s a zero-landfill system that uses 100% recycled substrate held together with a VOC-free binding agent and covered with Wite Brite® EnviroGreen elastomeric coating. Its green properties include:

  • Exceeds LEED and energy code requirements
  • CRRC rated
  • Qualifies for energy rebates and other financial incentives
  • Eliminates ponding water and low spots during re-roof operation
  • Enhances runoff collection by cisterns or storm water/irrigation management devices when surfaces are angled

Vegetated Roof Systems

Simon Roofing’s vegetated roof systems are custom-designed to provide the highest level of performance based on geographic climate, energy and environmental needs. We can provide assistance in engineering and waterproofing vegetated roof systems with our patented SealMax membrane that is impervious to root penetration, and we offer an optional lifetime maintenance program, vector mapping and LEED credit assistance.

A green roof not only provides excellent energy saving, but it can be aesthetically pleasing and a versatile, usable space.

To learn more about our sustainable building and commercial roofing practices and capabilities, call us at 888.353.7178 or click here to have one of our experts contact you.