CLP™ Roofing Systems


Seamless • Better weathering • Sustainable

More waterproofing within and above the scrim

You want a cost-effective roof replacement option, but want it to be worry-free, too. Simon Roofing is the world’s largest manufacturer of CLP™ Roofing Systems which are revolutionary multi-layer single-ply systems designed to be superior alternatives to standard single-ply systems.

Partially factory-made and partially field-fabricated, CLP™ Roofing Systems incorporate a new manufacturing process that saturates the system at factory controlled ambient temperatures. Other systems are laminated at extremely high temperatures, which could result in the loss of vital polymers burning off in the process.

CLP™ Roofing Systems also offer cross-linked polymers with the reinforcement scrim used in the membrane, which has proven to improve both its strength and weather resistance. Most importantly, it utilizes Wite Brite™ technology as the waterproofing membrane. With over 20 years of proven performance, Wite Brite™ coatings have endured the test of time. Now with state-of-the-art technology allowing for this material to be applied in a factory-controlled environment, CLP™ Roofing Systems are the best of both worlds in the science of roofing.

CLP™  Advantages

  • Saturated Manufacturing Process. The CLP™ Roofing System’s saturated makeup offers waterproof protection throughout the system and above the scrim; not just a thin layer on the top and bottom of the reinforcement scrim like standard single-ply laminated systems provide. Lamination and saturation do not produce membranes with equal properties – learn more.
  • Seamless. The combination of field fabrication and the addition of proprietary layer(s) eliminates the need for seams in the finished system, which, in turn, eliminate common failure points.
  • Redundant. On several of the systems in the CLP™ product line, multiple, redundant layers provide added strength and reliability. A field-applied finish coat ensures a monolithic, water-tight seamless membrane that perfectly conforms to the unique contours of the existing surface being re-roofed.
  • Strength. CLP™ Roofing Systems have tensile strength that’s significantly greater than common single-ply roof systems. Therefore, when there are extreme temperature changes during normal seasonal periods, it won’t crack under the stress of thermal shock like some single-ply membranes could. It also has greater puncture resistance and breaking strength meaning it is more resistant to punctures from falling objects and cracking from normal foot traffic and weather elements.
  • Sustainable. The useful life of  CLP™ Roofing Systems can be easily and economically extended at least 20 years after its warranty period. It can be easily resurfaced without primers or base coats. This reduces tear offs and the use of landfills, as well as lowers its life cycle cost. It’s the roof system you may never have to replace again!
  • Strong Warranty. CLP™ Roofing Systems come with a manufacturers labor, workmanship, and materials warranty that is one of the strongest warranties of its kind. Plus, Simon Roofing is the manufacturer and installer, so warranty calls come with response times within 24 hours and no finger pointing.
  • Better Weathering. CLP™ Roofing Systems have substantially more waterproofing within and above the scrim so they are longer lasting and slower to age.