Two-year roof repair warranty to reduce repeat roof leaks

Fixing commercial roof leaks right the first time

A common frustration among facility managers is having to call a roofer back to resolve the same leak over and over again. The roof repair wasn’t done properly and the leak from the ceiling is still dripping… costing time, money and disrupting business.

Simon Roofing is dedicated to fixing leaks right the first time – and we did so 99.5% of the time last year. That’s why we only use our self-manufactured high-quality products and our own well-trained technicians. And that’s how we can offer a unique two-year warranty on repairs that follow our specifications, which are designed to ensure we’ve fully identified and resolved the leak.

Source vs. Location

That puncture in the roof didn’t get there by accident. The most common causes are either human error, such as dragging equipment or installing surrounding HVAC units, or weather-related incidents like wind-blown debris or hail. Therefore, it’s easy to see why a roof puncture is rarely in just one isolated spot.

Roof leaks often travel, which means the source causing the roof leak is not always right above the stained ceiling tile. Our technicians work hard to first identify the penetration or issue causing the roof leak inside your facility. Once the source of the leak is determined, we complete our specified repair procedure, which dramatically increases the success rate of our leak repairs, decreases the number of callbacks we receive from our customers and allows us to feel so confident in our repairs that we can offer a two-year warranty on them.

Two-Year Warranty coverage

Our full two-year warranty on repairs made within Simon specifications covers:

  • Workmanship AND materials
  • The roof repair AND the roof leak at its location within the building

Simon Roofing is able to provide greater warranty coverage to our customers because we are the manufacturer of the repair products and installer of them.  Our warranties cover both workmanship and products – meaning there is no finger-pointing should anything go wrong. We’re quick to fix it no matter what.

Often, a roof repair warranty covers only the roof repair made on top of the roof. That means if the leak is still coming through the same spot on the ceiling after the repair is made, you’ll be getting another bill for the callback. Simon Roofing covers both the roof repair and the roof leak at its location within the building, so we not only guarantee the workmanship and materials of our actual repair done on top of your roof, but we also guarantee to resolve the source of the roof leak itself.

Fred Hash, Vice President at Simon Roofing breaks down commercial roof repair warranties – watch the video.