Common Commercial Roof  Repairs

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Common Types of Commercial Roof Leak Repairs

As a commercial roof repair expert, Simon Roofing makes sure its service technicians have the knowledge and training necessary to perform common repairs on-the-spot and save you a follow-up service call. Types of common issues that cause commercial roof leaks include:

Membrane Issues

Commercial roof membranes can tend to split, tear, crack or expose open laps for various reasons. Open laps are typically a sign of workmanship issues at the time of application, while cracks in the membrane are typical signs of age or material defects. Regardless of the membrane issue or its cause, they each require addressing quickly before more serious issues can result.

Drains and Gutter Issues

Drains, gutters, scuppers and flashing around drains can get loose or require additional sealing to prevent water from entering the building. We repair these issues by tightening, clamping and securing loose components, and by coating and sealing open joints.

Ponding Water

Ponding water lasting more than 48 hours on a roof’s surface can be a sign of issues with a building’s roof drain system. Ponding water deteriorates a roof prematurely and can cause roof leaks. We’ll diagnose the root cause of the issue and offer recommendations for resolving it.

Flashing and Details

Your flashings are the heart of your roof system and are sometimes the cause of a roof leak when they get loose or the seal is compromised. Checking the integrity of caulking and sealing of flashing needs to be a regular preventative maintenance item on commercial roofs.

Not All Leaks are Caused by Roof Issues

Countless numbers of commercial and industrial roofs have been repaired – and even replaced – only to see the leak reemerge because it wasn’t the roof leaking in the first place. The water was coming from another source.

9 Ways Water Can Enter Your Building Other Than From a Roof Leak

Further complicating matters, sometimes it’s a combination of sources – roof damage and plumbing issues, for instance – yet only one of them gets addressed before the roof is replaced.

If you are experiencing these common issues, we can help! Contact us or call 888.353.7178 for fast resolution.