Commercial Roof Leak Repair


When a commercial roof leaks, it needs fixed quickly and correctly. Simon Roofing’s service team is responsive, efficient and knowledgeable.

Our Customer Service Center is available 24/7 through one phone call, email or online form request.

Simon Roofing technicians are extensively trained to repair almost any type of commercial roof with a deep understanding of building codes, energy solutions and roof systems—including all nine major roofing systems and more than 60 subsets. In addition, we are able to maintain consistent quality control from the start by manufacturing our own roof repair materials in our Simon Products plant.

STOP Roof Leaks Right the First Time

Uninterrupted operations are important, so repairing roof leaks properly the first time has always been a top priority for Simon. And unlike others in the industry, we warrant both the roof repair and the leak.

You will avoid finger-pointing if something goes wrong because we’re accountable as both the manufacturer and installer. We warrant the materials AND workmanship, and we’re the only call you need to make should there ever be an issue.

We’re so confident in our approach to roof repairs, we provide a two-year warranty on all repairs made within our specifications.

Do you have an active roof leak now? Click here to request service.