Summit Hotel Properties



The Courtyard New Orleans hotel had a small roof section that was causing a significant number of leaks. The section, however, was difficult to access because it was located in the middle of the building and at a lower level than other roof sections.

Project Specs:

  • 109 sq. ft.
  • SR 117aw


Simon Roofing was able to create a customized solution and access just the small problem section effectively and even more importantly, safely. Technicians installed the SR 117aw system, which includes Simon Roofing’s own CLP™+ sheet and Wite Brite™ coating. The CLP™+ sheet is a Cross Link Polymer alternative to standard single-ply systems.



  • New roof section with 17 year warranty
  • No safety infractions
  • Minimal disruption to business
  • Seamless alternative to single-ply with greater waterproofing and tensile strength

Due to the nature of our business, disruption is concerning when roof work is being completed. Simon worked with us to permanently resolve the great amount of leaks on this section, kept safety as a top priority but accessed the section, and also provided a solution that had minimal disruption to our business.

Jim Wogick

Director of Construction, Summit Hotel Properties