Private University



The Science building of this private university was experiencing water intrusion along the entire length of an expansion joint. The BUR roof was aged with excessive deterioration along the flashing. The customer had been told the only option was to tear the expansion joint down to the roof deck and replace it with a new one, which would have been costly and disruptive to classes held inside the building.

Project Specs:

  • 50 linear ft.
  • 3-Course Repair


Instead of a tear-out and replacement, Simon Roofing was able to use its 3-course method to repair the expansion joint to bring it back to watertight condition. The repair, which was installed along deteriorated equipment base flashing, consisted of Wite Brite™ elastomeric primer and cement, as well as SR Poly. This same application was applied to the dry rotted expansion joint, followed by a coat of SR SuperiorFlex™.



  • No more leaks from the expansion joint

  • Warranty on both the repair made and the location of the leak

  • Considerable savings of time and money, compared to tearing out and replacing the area