National Retail Store



The metal roof on the retailer’s building was experiencing multiple and consistent leaks. There had been numerous repairs completed on the roof, like stripping seams and patches to cover punctures and openings at penetrations. While these repairs stopped an immediate leak need, they made further repairs difficult. There were several panels that were warped or crushed due to excessive weight, and the exposed fasteners were beginning to rust, with some backing out or even missing. In addition, there were open seams, which could lead to significant moisture entry.

Project Specs:

  • 8,257 sq. ft.
  • Roof Type: Metal R Panel roof
  • with exposed fasteners
  • SR PreVision inspection / analysis
  • SR 520c


The SR PreVision technicians from Simon Roofing performed an inspection on the roof and it was rated AMBER, with 6.7 years of remaining useful life. The customer wanted to stay in this facility for the long term, so it was decided a restoration was the best solution since it would not only bring the roof to watertight standard with a warranty, but it would also help avoid a costly roof replacement. Simon Roofing first re-secured existing fasteners. They also replaced missing or rusted fasteners with new oversized fasteners featuring neoprene washers, which will help to eliminate future fastener issues. After these minor repairs were made, Simon Roofing installed the SR 520c restoration solution, which is a combination of Wite Brite™ cement, SR Poly and multiple layers of Wite Brite™ coating.



• Eliminated need for costly and disruptive roof replacement

• Brought roof to watertight condition with a 12 year warranty

• Multi-layer approach for added durability

• Roof can continue to be restored after warranty period for further life extension, making it a sustainable option