National Fast Food Restaurant



The restaurant’s roof was experiencing consistent leaks that were interfering with restaurant operations, not to mention patron experience and safety of both patrons and employees. A local roofing company, with whom they had a business relationship, proposed the only solution was a complete roof tear-off and replacement.

Project Specs:

  • 3,131 sq. ft.
  • SR PreVision Inspection
  • Poly Wite Brite™


Simon Roofing performed an SR PreVision inspection/analysis on the roof that revealed there was only one system on the roof and there was no evidence of wet insulation present. Therefore, it was determined that a tear-off was not necessary. Instead, Simon Roofing was able to restore the roof by installing Poly Wite Brite™, which brought the roof back to watertight condition and put it back under a full warranty for 10 years. This restoration solution not only provided the customer a 33% savings compared to the proposed tear-off and replacement, but it also resulted in much less time and disruption to restaurant operations and added no landfill waste.