Manufacturing facility restores roof without replacing

LOCATION: Duncansville, PA


The manufacturing facility was experiencing leaks over an
area of high production. This was impacting operations and
could potentially damage both the production equipment and
the made-to-order goods being produced. A full roof
replacement would be costly and disruptive.

Project Specs:

  • SR PreVision inspection / analysis
  • 15,250 sq. ft.
  • SR 461S


The first step was to gain an objective analysis of the current roof using our SR PreVision process. This combines traditional visual inspections and infrared scans with scientific testing of a membrane core sample and data analysis. Within the extensive condition report generated by SR PreVision, it was identified the roof was a candidate for restoration.

Simon Roofing technicians installed the SR 461S restoration solution in a series of three layers of coating across the roof. All penetrations received a three-course application for added protection against water intrusion.


  • Watertight, seamless roof
  • 15-year labor and materials warranty
  • Significant cost savings compared to tear off & replacement
  • Sustainable solution, with opportunity to restore again

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