Manufacturing facility receives roof restoration



A refrigerator building at this beverage manufacturing facility had a deteriorating roof causing leaks to occur throughout the entire roof. The building has to be kept at 40 degrees so there is additional insulation above the ceiling that needs to stay dry. Replacing roofs like this can be extremely costly because of the minimum R value required. Other roofing companies were recommending expensive layover replacements, fastened through several purlins through the insulated metal panel. These penetrations can not only lead to roof leaks but can also allow the cold air of the refrigerated room to escape.

Project Specs:

  • 58,600 sq. ft.
  • SR PreVision Inspection/ analysis

  • SR 461 FM Restoration


Simon Roofing first performed an extensive SR PreVision evaluation to determine if the roof had any remaining useful life. Fortunately, the existing roof did qualify for a restoration. Simon Roofing technicians installed the SR 461FM restoration solution over the entire roof, creating a seamless surface. Reducing unnecessary roof penetrations, like fasteners and purlins, reduces the risk of water intrusion and helps to protect the insulation and R-value.


  • Seamless, watertight solution

  • 20-year labor, materials and workmanship warranty

  • Significant cost savings compared to replacement

  • Customized solution for refrigerated building needs

  • Sustainable option of future restorations

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