Dairy Farm



This large dairy farm had three roof sections that constantly leaked – a major problem, especially when it comes to food and beverage operations. The roof had numerous penetrations and pipes, making it difficult to access. One section had severe ponding water and the majority of the insulation was saturated, meaning a roof replacement was necessary. Another section had severe ponding water, wet insulation and already had two existing roofs (PVC and EPDM) on it, so a tear-off was necessary. The dairy facility was insured by Factory Mutual so it also required FM approved roofing systems.

Project Specs:

  • Combined: 7,204 sq. ft.

  • SR 4470

  • SR 461FMt



In addition to the wet insulation, Simon Roofing’s testing revealed the presence of asbestos in several areas of the roof. Additional safety measures were put in place for the removal of the asbestos and then a complete tear-off was completed on two of the three roof sections. Due to the sensitive nature of the facility, the accessibility challenges and the FM requirements, the facility owner requested one of Simon’s most premium systems on these two sections – the SR 4470 roof system with SR SuperiorPly Ultra and SealMax Plus that came with a 20-year warranty. On the third section, approximately 100 sq. ft. of wet insulation was removed and replaced and the roof was then eligible for restoration. Simon Roofing installed its SR 461FMt restoration solution, which consisted of multiple layers of Wite Brite coating and SR Poly to create a seamless, waterproof surface.



  • Seamless watertight roof
  • 20-year labor and materials warranty on all roof sections
  • One section restored for cost savings
  • No safety infractions