Auto Parts Manufacturer



This 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility had a BUR Gravel Roof with more than 40 different leak locations throughout the building. The roof was aged and deteriorating. A long-term solution was necessary, but unfortunately the budget didn’t allow for significant investments in the roof.

Project Specs:

  • SR PreVision inspection / analysis
  • Repairs
Bare felts


Simon Roofing performed a complete SR PreVision evaluation on the roof, including visual inspections, infrared scans and membrane sample testing in our laboratory. All of the testing and analysis data was collected, resulting in an objective, scientific condition report identifying the remaining useful life, as well as remedies. It was determined that there was still more than 3 years of life remaining in the current roof, so Simon Roofing was able to repair all of the roof defects to delay (and avoid the cost of) a long-term solution. The roof is now leak-free. If no action were taken, the roof would have failed prematurely and would have likely needed a disruptive replacement. By performing the SR PreVision analysis and resolving the defects first, the facility can now better prepare and budget for hopefully a full roof restoration within the next 3 years.

Performing the repairs saved the facility approximately 88% the cost of a restoration and 94% the cost of a replacement.

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