American Woodmark Roof Restoration



America Woodmark’s manufacturing facility had an aging, leaking roof that was thought to be at the end of its service life. The frequent leaks were causing operational delays and issues, but a complete roof tear-off and replacement would be extremely costly. American Woodmark was seeking a restoration option to stop the leaks and delay replacement.

Project Specs:

  • SR PreVision inspection / analysis
  • SR 461t Restoration
American Woodmark before
After roof restoration
Before Roof Restoration
American Woodmark After


Simon Roofing performed a comprehensive SR PReVision inspection/analysis to determine if the roof was a candidate for restoration, which it was. The report also identified options that would fit the required budget and prioritized the roof sections to complete over three years. In addition, American Woodmark was in the process of potentially becoming insured through Factory Mutual. Therefore, the roof applications needed to meet FM requirements.

American Woodmark and Simon Roofing worked together to develop a 3-year plan to restore the entire 250,000+ sq. ft. roof in phases. This approach allowed the customer to prioritize the most leak-sensitive areas first, spread their capital spend out over three phases/three years and ultimately get the entire roof under a 20-year warranty within three years.

In addition, Simon Roofing installed Safety Yellow CLP walk pads around HVAC units to control traffic flow on the rooftop. During this first phase, over 2,000 linear feet of walk pads were installed to provide clear walkways to minimize damage from foot traffic.

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