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Auto Parts Manufacturer

This 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility had a BUR Gravel Roof with more than 40 different leak locations throughout the building. The roof was aged and deteriorating.

National Hardware Store

This distribution and warehousing facility for a National Hardware Store was experiencing consistent, widespread leaks.

National Fast Food Restaurant

The restaurant’s roof was experiencing consistent leaks that were interfering with restaurant operations, not to mention patron experience and safety of both patrons and employees. A local roofing company, with whom they had a business relationship, proposed the only solution was a complete roof tear-off and replacement.

Summit Hotel Properties

The Courtyard New Orleans hotel had a small roof section that was causing a significant number of leaks. The section, however, was difficult to access because it was located in the middle of the building and at a lower level than other roof sections.

National Retail Store

The metal roof on the retailer’s building was experiencing multiple and consistent leaks. There had been numerous repairs completed on the roof, like stripping seams and patches to cover punctures and openings at penetrations.


Several sections of the facility’s roof were experiencing persistent leaks, impacting the daily operations and client experience. It was also a concern as the customer was considering selling the building.

Dairy Farm

This large dairy farm had three roof sections that constantly leaked – a major problem, especially when it comes to food and beverage operations. The roof had numerous penetrations and pipes, making it difficult to access.

Private University

The Science building of this private university was experiencing water intrusion along the entire length of an expansion joint. The BUR roof was aged with excessive deterioration along the flashing,