Proactive Roof Maintenance

An Ounce of Prevention

Make it a practice to incorporate regular, routine housekeeping measures to stay proactive about your roof’s maintenance.

  • Remove debris like leaves, sticks, and garbage so they don’t cause a back-up in the drains, resulting in ponding water.
  • Make sure contractors who have cause to be on the roof – window washers, HVAC, plumbers, and electricians – are being escorted to proper areas and are utilizing walkways as opposed to dragging equipment and potentially damaging the roof.
  • Verify that mechanical equipment and doors are shut tight.
  • Check condensation lines to ensure they are flowing and firmly connected.
  • Inspect portable hangers (where conduit and pipes are connected on the roof) and make sure they are in place.
  • Check for coping (metal flashing) that’s missing. Don’t ignore holes in the roof or vegetation growing on the dark corner of the building.

It’s best to do a full inspection twice a year. Spring and autumn are ideal times due to changes in temperature, heavy precipitation, and freeze-and-thaw cycles.