Commercial Roof Restorations

Why replace when you can restore?

Given the standard “run-to-fail” approach within the commercial roofing industry, building owners and facility managers can easily assume roof replacement as being the only alternative for a problematic roof. When that happens, it ends up they are urged to look at various bids received for the project, and just consider the difference between the highest and lowest as their project savings.

By not receiving concrete facts and evidence about reliable restoration systems that could be viable watertight options, commercial roofs are often times being replaced before the roof’s useful life has been fully depleted, leaving money on the table.

Restore a Roof by Intervening at the Right Time

Intervening with a roof restoration at the right time can save as much as half the cost of a complete tear-off and replacement, not to mention saving you the disruption to your business and the landfill waste created in the process. Many times a restoration can also extend the life of your commercial roof and add years of warranty protection.

Roof Systems That Can Be Restored

Our exclusive chemical formulations within our Wite Brite™ line can restore:

  • Single-ply
  • Built-up
  • Modified
  • Sprayed-foam roofing systems


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