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Office Spaces features Simon Roofing


Simon Roofing featured on Office Spaces

See for yourself how owning the entire supply chain has spawned innovation within our walls and has led to the development of the seamless alternative to single-ply roofing.

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7 Inspirational Quotes to get in the Spirit of Thanksgiving!

Check out our favorite quotes on thankfulness to get you inspired for Thanksgiving and the holiday season!

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4 Frightening Consequences

When it comes to maintaining your commercial roof, don’t be afraid. Just by routinely inspecting it and proactively repairing it, you can avoid these scary outcomes:

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Metal roof restoration

The Situation: Diversicare Healthcare Services, Inc. was experiencing roof issues on its corporate headquarters and they were looking into roof replacement options. A major concern with a traditional metal roof replacement was the noise from invasive fasteners being punched into the roof, which could cause disruption to both everyday work and executive meetings held within the building.

Commercial Roofing Trends: Restoring is the New Replacing

It’s the million dollar question (or thereabouts) for facility managers: When exactly will my commercial roof need to be replaced? Today’s expert facility managers want to extend the life of their roofs. They look for cost-effective ways of delaying expensive, disruptive roof replacements until absolutely necessary. Technology improvements and product development in the commercial roofing […]

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Repair, Restore, Replace…in that order!

You’ve probably heard us preach this in the past – but this phrase still holds true today! Not all commercial roofs need to be replaced. In fact, studies* show as many as 85% of roofs are replaced unnecessarily due to poor information. For a persistent, leaky roof that seems to be stuck in the leak-repair-leak-repair […]

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8 tips to prevent commercial roof leaks from hanging over your head

Roof leaks can be frustrating, damaging, unsafe and costly to any facility, especially when not resolved in a timely manner. Some common issues that cause commercial roof leaks include membrane failures, drains and gutter issues, ponding water, and flashings. Below are 8 tips to help prevent roof leaks from hanging over your head: Ensure your […]

How well do you know these 38 commercial roofing acronyms?

ACRONYMS. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. Acronyms. They’re everywhere. We hear them mentioned in meetings and on phone calls. We read them in trade journals and we see them on quotes. Some people get so entrenched in a particular industry (i.e. commercial roofing) that the acronym itself becomes more commonly used than the word it stands for. There’s [...]


Best Practices in Commercial Roofing Service Calls

Question: What is the service call process for Simon roofing? Answer: If a customer is looking for service, they can call or email into our customer service center. We are reachable by phone or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Once they call in or email in, their […]


First Steps to Take When a Commercial Roof Leak is Suspected

Question: What are the first things I should do when I suspect a roof leak? Answer: If someone suspects they have a roof leak there are a few things that should be done right off the bat. Assess if it is an urgent situation – is there any type of safety concern? Is there product […]

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