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Roofing Safety: Avoiding Falls from Heights

Falls from heights are the number one cause of fatalities in the construction industry. Simon Roofing’s Walter Fluharty offers tips to make sure any contractor accessing a commercial roof is safe while they’re working.


Roofing Safety: Roles and Responsibilities

“If there is a safety incident on my roof, who would be held responsible?” It’s an important question for all building owners and facility managers. Walter Fluharty, V.P. of Environmental Health, Safety and Organization Development, discusses how Simon Roofing goes above and beyond in determining potential roofing hazards before even stepping on a roof.


Roofing Safety: Best Practices for Working Around Skylights

Walter Fluharty, V.P. of Environmental Health, Safety and Organization Development at Simon Roofing, examines the safety practices that should be in place to protect against falls from skylights while on a commercial roof.


Roofing Safety: The ABCs of PPE

From head to toe, suiting up in the correct personal protective equipment is crucial in completing a project in the safest manner. Simon Roofing’s Walter Fluharty outlines the appropriate equipment that each employee should wear to ensure they are working safely.


A Keen Eye for Roofing Safety

When a roofing contractor is on your roof, safety should be their top priority. Walter Fluharty, V.P. of Environmental Health, Safety and Organization Development at Simon Roofing, reveals the top safety factors a building owner or facility manager should keep an eye out for when working is being done on their commercial roof.


Customer Service’s Role in Resolving Roofing Issues

A team-orientated approach is what drives Simon Roofing’s customer service center. Alex Moore, Customer Service and Billing Coordinator, discusses how this mentality helped Simon Roofing assess damage in the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence made landfall earlier this year.


Traits of a Strong Customer Service Representative

Customer service is the number one priority at Simon Roofing. Alex Moore, Customer Service and Billing Coordinator, describes the qualities a customer service representative needs to succeed, and how Simon Roofing ensures each customer has a positive experience.


When Will A Roof Technician Arrive

Simon Roofing’s Alex Moore discusses the multiple platforms that are used to keep customers informed of when a commercial roofing technician will arrive at their building.


Reporting A Suspected Roof Leak

What exactly happens when you call in to report a potential leak in your building? Alex Moore, Customer Service and Billing Coordinator at Simon Roofing, outlines the steps and information needed to dispatch service as quick as possible.

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