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Getting Below The Surface On What’s Damaging Your Concrete

Outside of a traumatic event like a heavy object falling on your concrete slab, the cause of the cracks, uneven settling or lifting you’re seeing likely traces back to its installation. Surface damage to concrete is commonly linked to a poor finishing job at the time of pouring, an excess amount of water in the […]

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Why do our roofs smell like black cherry?

In the chemicals business, like we are with our commercial roof coatings, it’s inevitable that someone is going to take exception to how your product smells. And it’s human nature to associate certain odors with particular feelings or emotions. The smell of chocolate or a neighbor’s backyard grill, for instance, can make your mouth water […]

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6 Reasons to break up with your vain roof system

The selling points for non-redundant roof systems can read much like a dating website profile; all of the features sound good on the surface, but what about the long-term relationship? What are they conveniently leaving out? And how will they react under stressful conditions? Features of non-redundant roof systems may include engineered, pre-manufactured, flexible, lightweight, […]

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18 things you can do this year to avoid headaches with your commercial roof (Part 2 of 2)

As a continuation of our two-part series on helping facility managers save roof maintenance budget dollars—aggravation, here are a few more commercial roofing best practices you should consider following this year. Inspect your ceilings and walls from inside the building to look for evidence of roof leaks or other damage. Remove debris like leaves, sticks […]

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18 things you can do this year to avoid headaches with your commercial roof (Part 1 of 2)

Make this the year you tighten up the maintenance and operation of your commercial roof. There are not many other building assets that command as much maintenance expense and consistent attention as the roof, but by following some proven best practices, facility managers can save budget dollars—and aggravation! Perform self-inspections monthly or quarterly, and after […]