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Roofing Terminology 101 – How well did you retain what you learned in science class?

As one of the national leaders in applying science to roofing, Simon Roofing has developed proprietary methods for analyzing and determining a roof’s remaining useful life. That way it can make a most-informed recommendation to customers as to whether a roof can be repaired or restored before going the route of a costly replacement. Every […]

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Test Your Science Knowledge

If only science were this fun when we were in school. As the “roofing science” experts who have found ways to make commercial roofs last longer and perform better, we thought it’d be fun to test our science trivia knowledge. And yours.

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Think Outside the Box.

The standard way of thinking goes: you get a few leaks, your roof is starting to show its age, so it’s time to replace it. Right? That’s what conventional wisdom might suggest. But perhaps it’s time for a new way of thinking. There are viable alternatives to tearing off and replacing a roof that deserve […]

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The amount of waste created from roof replacements has gone off the deep end

Did you know the waste created from a complete tear-off and replacement of just a 12,000 SF commercial roof could be enough to fill a six-foot-deep Olympic-sized swimming pool? Or ten, 22-foot dumpsters? We all know roof restoration systems are more cost-effective than replacements, but don’t discount the environmental benefits as well. Waste reduction is [...]

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Pop (Culture) Quiz

So how much do you really know about roofing? In our world, every Trivial Pursuit question … every Jeopardy clue … every Wheel of Fortune board would include some type of reference to the roofing industry. But until they do, we’ve created our own version of “roof references in pop culture” trivia covering the worlds […]

Why Good Roofs Go Bad

Could it be that the Pareto principle applies to commercial roofing? It’s not uncommon to find that approximately 20% of the roof — meaning the penetrations — can cause roughly 80% of the problematic issues. Penetrations are among many potential failure points in a roof system. It is prudent to be particularly aware of potential […]

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Data-driven inspections improve accuracy, delay costly replacement

According to the International Facility Management Association, 85% of commercial roofs are replaced too soon due to bad information. Roof replacements are often the go-to solution when nagging roof leaks continue to disrupt business and rack up unexpected repair expenses but there might be a smarter alternative – restoration. A roof restoration can bring a […]

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Employees tell the Simon Roofing story on national TV program

“When it comes to commercial roofing, these guys have you covered.” That’s how the narrator kicked off our recently aired segment on the nationally syndicated, commercial design television show “Office Spaces,” and it couldn’t have been more accurately described. That is, unless he had said “these guys and gals have you covered.” [View the full […]

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Lamination vs Saturation in roofing membranes – understanding the difference

On a 45 mil roof membrane, how much waterproofing protection do you think you get? Wait, you mean it’s not 45 mils? Actually, the answer is “it depends.” First it needs to be determined whether the membrane was “laminated” or “saturated.” Common among single-ply systems, a membrane consists of a bottom layer, a polyester matting […]

The Science of Roofing

We’ve come a long way from the days of hot-applied coal tar and asphalt. The commercial roofing industry has become highly technical, both in the way materials are designed and installed, as well as how roofs are maintained to extend their useful life. Today there’s a true scientific approach to commercial roofing that involves innovative […]