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Exterior Transformations Can Improve Function as Well as Aesthetics

Beauty and brains, an ideal combination of character traits for your … commercial building.

Advances in engineered building materials for walls and flooring surfaces prove you no longer have to choose between aesthetics and function. Now you can have both.

Commercial Roofing Blog

Savvy facility managers are considering roof asset management

We see it all too often. A commercial roof that’s replaced could have been repaired or restored to watertight condition with a fraction of the expense and business disruption. In fact, 85% of roofs are replaced unnecessarily, due to bad information.* Tearing off and replacing roofs when there’s still useful life to them is an […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

Case Study: Concrete Facelift

Client: Major National Retailer Challenge: Improve the appearance of an aged, worn concrete entryway without impeding access to the building during construction. Objective: Rebuild and extend the life of the existing concrete entryway in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Outcome: The area in need of repair was heavily used and relied on by employees and visitors. […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

Where’s the water coming from if not from a roof leak?

One of the biggest frustrations a facility manger experiences is when he spends money on a major expense like a roof replacement only to see evidence of water entry reoccur a short time later. How could this happen? Well, it’s been our observation after many service calls of this nature that the original “leak” wasn’t […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

Buildings Magazine recognizes money-saving nature of our 3-phase roof restoration

Restoring commercial roofs as an alternative to replacing them prematurely is a common refrain you hear from us. In too many situations we hear of roofs being replaced with considerable useful life still left on them. In these cases, a restoration would have gotten them watertight with much less waste, less disruption and definitely a […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

The myths and realities of hail damage to commercial roofs

As we enter prime time severe weather season across various parts of the U.S., how well do you understand the potential for commercial roofing damage caused by hail? “Compared to the last three years we’re expecting late spring to early summer to be hotter, and with hotter, more humid weather comes an increased chance of […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

A new, engineered solution for restoring concrete islands at gas stations

Metal bands are so 2010. So are the head-banging days of gas station owners regretting their decision to shut pumps down for days-on-end to replace the damaged concrete islands they sit on; only to see deterioration and rusty metal bands return a short time later. The long-accepted solution for repairing damaged concrete pads involves removing […]

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If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?

Let’s face it; the process for managing commercial roofing assets is broken. Run-to-failure? Roof replacement as the only option when a roof is problematic? That’s been somewhat common practice for what seems like forever, but it doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Changing the thinking behind the procurement process is step one. The current […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

Baskets of savings! Get proactive with roof maintenance by following these 6 tips.

As we mark “March Madness” season in college basketball it’s relevant to bring up one of the many inspirational quotes by legendary UCCLA coach John Wooden, who might have been talking about roofing maintenance when he famously said, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” Plugging leaks on a commercial roof in a reactionary mode […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

Getting Below The Surface On What’s Damaging Your Concrete

Outside of a traumatic event like a heavy object falling on your concrete slab, the cause of the cracks, uneven settling or lifting you’re seeing likely traces back to its installation. Surface damage to concrete is commonly linked to a poor finishing job at the time of pouring, an excess amount of water in the […]

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