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Commercial Roof Types: Not All Flat Roofs Are Alike

When it comes to flat or low-slope roofs, there are several varieties of membranes out there. The roof type can be dictated by several factors including budget, building function, local codes, climate, and more. Let’s explore the common commercial roof types used on facilities across the United States. Built-Up Roof Systems Built-up Roofs often referred […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

Resolve to Improve Your Roof’s Health

This time of year has many of us resolving to be healthier and take better care of ourselves. But it can also be a time to take stock of our facilities and the key areas that affect performance and budget, especially the roof. Commercial Roof Stats Whether you’re new to the facility or you just […]


CASE STUDY: ATI Firth Sterling

SITUATION: The metal roof of this manufacturing facility had consistent leaks from an internal gutter. The leaks were interrupting daily operations and causing delays. A long-term solution was necessary, but a total roof tear-off and replacement would be costly and disruptive. SOLUTION: Simon Roofing first performed a thorough inspection and analysis of the existing roof [...]

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The Simon Roofing Difference Series: Part 3 Trained Roof Technicians

As a family-owned business, our name means a lot. And we don’t trust our name with just anyone. You can rest assured that when you hire Simon Roofing, you’re getting trained Simon Roofing technicians – not a sub-contractor who happened to be available that day. Employing our own workforce means we have complete control over […]

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The Simon Roofing Difference Series: Part 2 Roof Materials, Made by Simon

Simon Roofing manufactures the roof materials it uses. That means we have complete control of the supply chain to deliver the best possible solution for our customers’ roofs – whether that be a simple repair, a restoration or even a complete replacement.  Our products are made in our ISO-certified Simon Products plant and are furnished […]

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The Simon Roofing Difference Series: Part 1 Tablet Technology

Simon Roofing has been a family-owned and operated business for more than 120 years. Throughout that time, our company has constantly evolved in looking for innovative ways of offering our customers the very best possible products and service. Over the next several months, we’ll offer a series of blogs that take a deep dive into […]

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Is A Re-Roof Alternative an Option for Your Commercial Roof?

There can be many benefits to a commercial roof restoration, including: Stops leaks and brings roof back to watertight condition Extends the life and warranty of a roof Provides cost savings up to 50% vs. a typical commercial roof replacement Seamless, fully adhered roof surface Liquid-applied and field-fabricated Offers reflective and customized color selections depending […]

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9 Ways to Save Money on Your Roof

The roof on your building wasn’t cheap. And a new one will very likely be more expensive than the one that’s on it. It makes sense to follow these 9 best practices in roof maintenance, so you can save your business expense — and save yourself the frustration. Get to know your roof warranty’s coverage terms, […]

Commercial Roofing Blog

5 Safety Guidelines for Anyone Accessing your Roof

When it comes to rooftop safety, roofers are held to the most stringent guidelines. But, there are also some important rules to follow for vendors and employees who are on the roof. Working vs. not working. A common misstep to fall protection regulations is the mindset that the rules don’t apply when you’re just cleaning […]