Commercial Roofing Specialist in Spokane, Washington

Throughout our 100+ years of experience in commercial and industrial roofing, Simon Roofing has realized that the highest quality products and workmanship are very important to our customers, but they also want peace of mind should anything go wrong. Our Spokane branch is able to provide superior repair warranty coverage to our customers because we are both the manufacturer of the repair products and the installer of them.

Our warranties cover both the roof repair and the roof leak at its location within the building, so we not only guarantee the workmanship and materials of our actual repair done on top of your roof, but we also guarantee resolving the source of the roof leak itself.

Ronell Routon Commercial Roofing Spokane

Ronell Routon

Regional Account Manager


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24/7 Commercial Roofing in Spangle, Medical Lake, Spokane Valley & Beyond

  • In-house lab and on-staff scientists trained to accurately predict roof life expectancy
  • Service Center located in Spokane is one of 66 service centers across U.S.
  • GPS tracking used on trucks for billing accuracy and cost efficiency

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