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At Simon Roofing, we’re unique in that our services encompass the entire supply chain. We manufacture our own roofing products AND we use our well-trained Simon Roofing employees located right here in Orlando to do the work. That means we’re held fully accountable for your roof’s performance.

And we back that accountability and confidence in our work with a true warranty. Simply put, if it leaks, we’ll fix it.

Scott Bridgewater Simon Roofing Orlando Sales Rep

Scott Bridgewater

Regional Account Manager


Active roof leak? Contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center

FL License Number: CCC048202

Proud member of IFMA Orlando

Proud member of BOMA Orlando

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Accredited Business in Orlando


Leading Commercial Roof Repairs, Replacements, and Restorations in Orlando, FL

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification in quality management across entire company
  • GPS tracking used on trucks for billing accuracy and cost efficiency
  • One technician per truck is sent on time and material invoices to eliminate waste

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