Simon Roofing provides commercial roof repairs, restorations, and replacements for the Louisville area. With its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Ohio, Simon Roofing’s Kentucky branch is close to home. Our products are designed to combat the weather commonly experienced in the Midwest. These up and down cycles can significantly speed the deterioration of commercial roofs and cause widespread roof leaks, but Simon Roofing’s solutions can withstand the elements and keep your facility dry.

Simon Roofing is dedicated to resolving commercial roof leaks the right way. In fact, 98.9% of our roof repairs were completed with no call-backs last year. We have total control of the roof repair process from start to finish. We manufacture our own products and we use our own trained technicians – no sub-contractors. This is how we can offer a unique 2-year repair warranty for all repairs made within Simon specifications.


  • Customer Service Center available 24/7 via phone, email, website or fax
  • Roof leak response time within 2 days for standard requests and within 24 hours for emergencies
  • Warrant both the leak location below the roof and the repair above the roof
  • Bias to repair or restore a roof first, with a commercial roof replacement only as a last resort
  • Safety is our #1 core value. Our incident rate and experience modification rate are significantly better than industry standards. You can rest assured we are taking every safety precaution possible while we’re on your roof.

You can rely on Simon Roofing from start to finish without wondering who to call if something goes wrong. As both the manufacturer and the installer, we’ve got you covered.

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