Simon Roofing provides commercial roof repairs, restorations, and replacements designed to withstand the highs and lows of Indianapolis weather. The frequent freeze/thaw cycle experienced in Indiana can lead to frequent roof leaks and deterioration of roof membranes. Our high-quality solutions are customized not only by climate, but also by customer need and building type.

Simon Roofing’s superior service sets the company apart from other commercial roofing contractors. As both the manufacturer and installer, we own the entire process from start to finish. That means no finger-pointing when it comes to any warranty issues. Plus, our goal is always to repair or restore a roof before jumping to a replacement. Using scientific, objective analysis through SR PreVision, we can accurately predict roof life expectancy and determine the best intervention to extend its watertight life.

Indianapolis is one of Simon Roofing’s 66 service centers across the U.S. The Indianapolis branch covers the entire state of Indiana, including Fort Wayne, Lafayette and Bloomington.


commercial roofing in indianapolis indiana
  • Roof leaks fixed fast: standard response time within 2 days or within 24 hours for emergencies
  • Warrant both the leak location below the roof and the repair above the roof
  • 2-year warranty available for roof repairs made within Simon specifications
  • 98.9% success rate on roof repairs with no callbacks last year
  • Safety is our #1 core value. Our incident rate and experience modification rate are significantly better than industry standards. You can rest assured we are taking every safety precaution possible while we’re on your roof.

As both the manufacturer and installer, Simon is able to provide customers with consistent quality in both products and service.

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