Roof leaks at distribution centers can be a logistical nightmare

A distribution facility roof is often more prone to leaks due to age, equipment and penetrations on the roof. Too many roof sections and too little budget can mean repetitive and costly roof leaks. This can lead to damaged equipment and inventory, structural damage to the building, and operational delays.

Bring distribution facility roofs back to watertight condition

Simon Roofing is committed to bringing life back to a roof through repairs and restorations, viewing replacement only as a last resort. Our solutions can bring your roof back to watertight condition with a warranty to protect your building and everything within it.

  • 2-year repair warranty on repairs made within Simon specifications
  • Restoration solutions are customized for building, budget and warranty needs
  • Simon Roofing warranties cover both labor and materials because we are both the installer and manufacturer

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Roof leaks need fixed quickly and correctly.

Simon Roofing can have a technician on-site within 24 hours for emergency requests and within 3 days for standard requests. Plus, 98.9% of our repairs last year were resolved with the first visit – with no callbacks.

Roofing decisions based on scientific facts, not opinions

Distribution facilities usually have several roof sections in varying conditions, which can make diagnosing and solving roofing issues difficult. SR PreVision is a unique process that combines visual inspections with scientific testing and analysis to accurately determine roof life expectancy and opportunities to delay replacement.

Components include visual inspections, infrared scans of the roof at night, core membrane sample testing, data input and analysis. All of these combined lead to a detailed condition report with photos by roof section, identifying areas of concern

  • Roof life expectancy can be determined down to the year and month of failure
  • Restoration solutions are identified to delay replacement when possible
  • All information is available to review in a 24/7 online customer portal

Safety stands above all else

Simon Roofing’s dedication to safety is unparalleled in the industry. As a distribution facility, we know you have your own safety standards as well. We’ll take time to discuss specific safety concerns and/or requirements before ever starting a job to ensure your safety measures – as well as ours – are properly addressed. We’re very proud of our safety record, and we think you’ll be too.


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