Innovation at Simon Roofing Paves Seamless Path for Growth

Simon Roofing, 14th largest roofing company in the U.S. – and 2nd largest in Ohio (Roofing Contractor magazine), highlighted 2017 with the launch of a major new commercial roofing system designed to outperform commonly used single-ply roofing systems.

The 100+ year old company that employs 546 total, including 185 locally, continued to grow with last year’s addition of 4 regional offices. This year the company expects to add 5 more regional offices to its footprint.

Simon Roofing’s commitment to science and technology is the backbone of its extensive growth over the past decade.  “We’ve invested considerable time, revenue and employees in the research, development and testing of commercial roofing membranes,” said Anthony Vross, co-owner, Simon Roofing.  One of the resulting innovations is our CLP Membrane System made with a high-performance, cross-linked polymer material that possesses distinct advantages over single-ply materials on the market.

“It’s a major step forward in commercial roof replacement technology that even caught the attention of the nationally syndicated television program Office Spaces,” Vross said. The CLP Membrane System was a focus of Simon Roofing’s segment that aired in the summer of 2017 after several days of filming at the company’s Boardman headquarters.

Further evidence of Simon Roofing’s investment in science and technology is its expanding in-house laboratory and growing roster of advanced degreed scientists among its employee ranks. One such new hire is George Kubas, PhD, of Youngstown, one of the first graduates of the Materials, Science and Engineering Doctorate program at Youngstown State University.

The company leverages its lab to not only develop new products and technology, but to also test core samples from clients’ roofs throughout the country. Through its proprietary SR PreVision evaluation program, Simon Roofing can now accurately predict down to a tenth of a year how long a building’s roof system will last.

“That information is used when consulting with clients about the most cost-effective recommendations for extending the life of their problem roofs, which is a unique service in the commercial roofing industry that’s growing in demand,” Vross said.  Highly-trained roof technicians have been hired and positioned throughout the country to support SR PreVision’s growth; growth that’s well expected to continue.

Simon Roofing was awarded ISO 9001: 2015 certification, which is only given to organizations that meet the rigorous criteria for assuring quality and continuous improvement in the products or services they provide their customers. Simon’s ISO certification covers the manufacturing, installation and service of high-quality materials for building, construction and specialty applications for their clients.

“Maintaining quality control is core to our company’s values,” said Michael Dohar, Simon Roofing chief operating officer. “Achieving ISO 9001 across our entire organization – from sales and service to installation and materials manufacturing – underscores our commitment to delivering the ultimate in customer satisfaction.”

Simon Surfaces, a division of Simon Roofing that specializes in concrete repair and commercial/industrial floor resurfacing, continued to grow in 2017 within the retail, restaurant, gas station, industrial and warehouse/distribution industries.  Plans are in place to raise its profile even further in 2018 among customers and prospects throughout the country.

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