Simon Roofing Frequently Asked Questions 

How fast can you respond to repair calls?

For emergency situations, we will dispatch a technician within 24 hours to your facility. For standard requests, we will dispatch a technician within 3 business days. Our in-house Customer Service Center is available 24/7 to handle your repair requests. 

How do I request service?

There are several ways you can request service through our 24/7 Customer Service Center. 

Are you local or do you sub-contract in my area?

Simon Roofing does NOT sub-contract work to outside providers. We have technicians located in 68 service centers across the country, so in most cases, the technician on your roof is a local resident. In some cases, demand or job specifications may require us to travel our technicians to other areas, but you can rest assured they will still all be Simon Roofing employees. 

Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Youngstown, Ohio. We have approximately 500 employees throughout the country.  

What types of roof systems does Simon Roofing install and/or service?

We are trained in all commercial roofing types and subsets, and we can service almost any type of flat or low-slope roof. We do not perform work on shingled roofs. 

Simon Roofing is both the manufacturer and the installer of our products. While we service non-Simon roofs, our roof replacements are solely high-quality Simon Roofing systems that include single-ply, modified bitumen, built-up and metal roofing types. 

Are there options to bring a roof back to watertight condition without replacing the entire roof?

Absolutely. In fact, Simon Roofing’s goal is to repair, restore, and last option replace. In that order. Through repair and restoration solutions, we can bring many roofs back to watertight condition and back under warranty. Last year, 78% of Simon Roofing’s projects were repairs or restorations. But before we recommend anything, we want to be sure to uncover and address any issues that may not be visible to the human eye – such as decking issues, wet insulation and more.

Do you provide free estimates and inspections?

Simon Roofing’s SR PreVision inspections are not like others. Our goal is always to try and find an effective alternative to costly and disruptive roof replacements for our customers. Therefore, SR PreVision starts with a traditional visual inspection but goes much deeper by retrieving a core membrane sample and performing an infrared scan. The core sample is sent to our in-house laboratory to undergo extensive testing. The data gathered from the visual inspection, infrared scan and core sample is then compiled to deliver an extremely detailed and accurate condition report. This report provides photos, roof ratings and an accurate prediction down to a tenth of a year of when the roof will fail with no intervention.

Other roofing providers may provide just a visual inspection and then recommend a replacement for leaking roofs. SR PreVision’s detailed testing and analysis has revealed that repairs and/or restorations are a viable solution for many of our customers, which has saved them from replacing their roofs prematurely and wasting valuable budget dollars. 

What is your warranty?

Simon Roofing’s warranties are second to none for several reasons. 

  • Our warranty is able to cover both labor and materials since we are both the installer and manufacturer of the products. 
  • Our 2-year repair warranty covers both the leak location within the building and the repair made on top of the roof. This is because leaks often travel and the point of water entry you see on your ceiling may not be directly underneath where the leak is originating on the roof. 
  • Our restoration and replacement warranties vary in duration so you can determine what is the best solution for your budget and your building needs. For example, if you’re only looking to stay in your facility for a few more years, we have options up to 5 years. We also have long-term warranties starting at 10 years up to 25 years. 

Do you really manufacture your own products or do you private label them?

Yes, we really manufacture our own products! Simon Products, a division of Simon Roofing, is responsible for all of our repair, restoration, and replacement product manufacturing. While we do purchase some materials like ISO boards, fasteners, etc., we produce everything else from adhesives and repair materials to elastomeric coatings and our CLP+ roll. Virtual and in-person tours of our manufacturing plant are available upon request. 

When it comes to government jobs, do you have security clearance, and do you take government purchase cards for payment?

Simon Roofing has performed work for decades on government facilities, including federal prisons, military bases, and more. We do have security clearance and because we utilize our own technicians and not sub-contractors, there are no issues with compliance. Yes, we accept government purchase and credit cards for payment.